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NIVOTRACK M-500 series working on the magnetostrictive principle are suitable for high accuracy level measurement of storage tanks. Due to their
high temperature and pressure rating these units can also be used for level gauging of technological tanks. The most suitable applications are with
liquids free of solid particles and with low viscosity both in ordinary and hazardous locations.

Its high precision renders NIVOTRACK suitable for custody transfer measurement of valuable liquids such as fuels, solvents, alcohol distillates,
etc. Plastic version of the series substantially expands the field of application by a wide range of aggressive materials.

Operating principle

The magnetostrictive transmitter is using the special feature of the magnetostrictive wire spanned in the rigid or flexible probe. A magnetic field
excited in the magnetostictive wire develops a wave in the wire. From the interference point with the magnetic disc placed in the float the wave travels
back to the electronics with defined velocity. Measurement is based on measuring the flying time since it is proportional with the distance of the float
from the electronics.

The above distance constitutes the basis for all output signals of the NIVOTRACK! With the help of further mechanical data level and volume (tank content) can be

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