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    Those in the oil and gas industry understand fully well the importance of fuel handling equipment. Safety and wastage are the two main factors that should form the basis of selecting the fuel handling equipment. Good quality fuel handling equipment minimizes the potential for human performance errors and provides adequate safety to the handlers. That is the reason why you need to select your fuel handling equipment supplier with a lot of caution. And, if you are in this part of the world, namely the UAE, you know that there are many fuel handling equipment suppliers out there in the market which makes it even difficult for you to select the best.

    The fuel handling equipment range from procuring new plant/ service station equipment to upgrades and replacement for the existing ones. You need a fuel handling equipment supplier who can provide all the essential equipment from one location and at a price that is competitive and affordable.

    That is where FMTS comes into the picture. Fuel Management and Transfer Systems, Sharjah (FMTS) is a professionally managed organisation based out of Sharjah. We specialise in supplying fuel handling equipment to customers across the UAE.

    Fuel handling equipment

    Fuel handling equipment performs critical functions; hence you should never compromise on the quality. From monitoring to controlling the supply of fuel, fuel handling equipment have a crucial role in the management of fuel.

    From transfer pumps, flow meters, dispensers, and loading arms to aviation filters/ water separators, tanker fittings, leak sensors, Sharpe valves/ Taylor relief valves/ Mueller strainers, and hose reels, FMTS is in a position to supply all the fuel handling equipment and more to customers in the UAE.

    Why should you select FMTS as the fuel handling equipment supplier in the UAE?

    You should make sure that you select a supplier that can provide all the necessary fuel handling equipment at reasonable prices. It is a big hassle to start negotiations all over again with different companies for procuring various fuel handling equipment. You should always have a reliable fuel handling equipment supplier who can fulfil all your needs.

    FMTS is a one stop shop for all your fuel handling equipment needs. We make sure that our customers concentrate on their business and that they can get everything related to the fuel (management) industry at our place.

    FMTS has established itself as a leader in the market in the fuel handling equipment supplier in the UAE for the last thirteen years. We are associated with the worlds best fuel handling equipment manufacturers who have a global presence in the fuel industry.

    FMTS has trained and experienced support staff for the convenience of its customers who have the standing instructions to provide proactive service. Reliability and excellent customer service are the two main factors that set us apart from our competitors.

    A professionally managed organisation, FMTS takes pride in being a responsible energy player in the UAE market.
    FMTS also takes pride in providing affordable solutions to all its customers, and that is why we have a pricing policy that is not just competitive but is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for fuel handling equipment, get in touch with FMTS now.

    FMTS is the official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System, Australia and we specialize in fuel management.