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    Technology has helped many businesses streamline their business operations. And one vertical that has benefitted tremendously from these innovations is the fleet management business. The fleet management business is hugely dependent on fuel. Since fuel is a precious commodity, fleet owners need to do everything they can to monitor fuel supplies and maintain their vehicles. And one such technological innovation that has made monitoring and controlling fleets simpler and more convenient is a vehicle telematics system. With a vehicle telematics system in place, fleet owners can monitor their vehicles remotely and get to know their location and condition conveniently. Regardless of where you do your business, a vehicle telematics system can help fleet management businesses turn more profitable. And things are not any different in the UAE either. Most fleet owners in the UAE now understand the importance of using a vehicle telematics Dubai system. However, it is crucial to procure telematics devices and software from a reliable vendor. Though there are many vehicle telematics Dubai suppliers, you need to ensure that you deal with a company that offers excellent post-sales services.

    But when you have FMTS or Fuel Management & Transfer Systems in the UAE, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable vehicle telematics Dubai supplier. Our clients can vouch for our post-sales services. We have a responsive customer care, and we offer assistance to all our clients when they need it.

    Welcome to the world of FMTS!

    FMTS is a reliable supplier of telematics devices and software in the UAE. FMTS is a complete fuel solutions provider that can look after all your fuel needs irrespective of your location. We are an official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia, and we specialise in the field of fuel management.

    What is vehicle telematics?

    Telematics uses technology to monitor a range of information related to an individual vehicle or an entire fleet. Telematics devices gather data, including vehicle location, engine diagnostics, vehicle activity, and driver behaviour remotely, and software allows fleet managers to use this data to manage their resources more efficiently.

    Telematics systems gather a wide range of data using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, sensors, and engine data, providing the required information to the fleet operators on the best and most efficient ways to manage their fleet/s.

    Benefits of using vehicle telematics Dubai

    There are several benefits of using a reliable telematics system, and some of them include:

    Telematics devices and software can reduce your overall fuel costs.
    A telematics system helps you to maintain your vehicles more cost-effectively.
    By knowing the condition of your vehicle, you can opt for preventive maintenance.
    A telematics system helps improve your communication.
    It enhances driver safety. By knowing driver behaviour, you can create a driver risk profile and provide them with the coaching they need.
    It helps you to utilise your resources more appropriately.

    Why should you select FMTS for vehicle telematics in Dubai?

    We have worked closely with the fleet management businesses for a long time. FMTS has been in the fuel management and vehicle tracking business for years now, and we know what it takes to manage and monitor your fleet/s. We have the relevant experience that comes in handy when businesses need to track their fuel. With a robust telematics system, you can rest assured that it can stop fuel pilferage and theft. It helps you work smartly and maximize your profits if you are in the fleet management business.

    With our vehicle telematics system, you can monitor and manage your vehicles closely and improve your profits.

    As we are a complete fuel solutions provider, we can take care of all your fuel needs. You don’t have to contact other suppliers for fuel equipment.

    We have trained engineering, compliance, and project management professionals, and we specialise in custom fuel storage and distribution solutions. We have the relevant exposure that helps us to deliver on the projects we accept efficiently.

    At FMTS, we understand the importance of responsive customer care, and that is why we follow a proactive approach to customer care.

    FMTS is a responsible energy operator in the UAE market.

    Our energy solutions are smart and affordable. We have a transparent pricing policy which is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for a reliable vehicle telematics system supplier in the UAE that helps you manage your fleet/s more appropriately, you can contact FMTS now.