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Fuel Management & Transfer Systems (FMTS) is an official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System from Australia, which provides complete solution for your Fuel.

FMTS provides turn key solutions for your Fuel application. We track the fuel sourced from third party suppliers, provide 24/7 tracking of the fuel stored in fuel tanks, and finally track the fuel being delivered to your fleet, vehicle wise and driver wise with RFID FOBs and keys with precise date, time and location.

We also provide all the necessary equipments like Fuel Flow Meters, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Dispensers, Hose Reel, Loading Arms, Water Separators, Fuel Strainers – Simplex and Duplex, Fuel Storage Tank Fittings, Overfill Prevention Valves, Leak Sensors, Aviation Fuel Filters and Separators and all fuel related items.

With a proven track record of fifteen years of service in the fuel-related field we can offer you the very best solution at the very best price.

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Our Mission

Every day, our experienced employees live out our commitment to better energy while relying on the cutting-edge expertise. Here are our main goals:

Become a Responsible Energy Player
Protecting people
Responding to Environmental Challenges
Helping to foster shared development
Being a responsible employer
Orient on Better Results