Fuel Management System

Fuel management is a complicated affair with the fluctuating fuel costs on one hand and rising fuel consumption on the other, not to mention the losses to theft.

Vandalisation of a fuel system does not merely stop at the thieves running away with your gas or diesel, in many cases they just leave the fuel fall onto the ground. In this case it is both a loss of fuel and contamination of soil.Read More...

About Us

Fuel Management & Transfer Systems (FMTS) is an official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System from Australia. We provide complete solution for your Fuel Management.

FMTS provides turn key solutions for your Fuel application. We track the fuel sourced from third party suppliers, Provide 24/7 tracking features of your fuel stored in fuel tanks and finally track the fuel being delivered to your fleet, which is vehicle & driver specific. The system integrates RFID FOBs & keys with precise date, time and location details, recorded for reference.