Fuel Tracking System

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    Businesses that rely on fuel need to make sure that they use it judiciously so that they can maximise their profits by minimising their losses. As the cost of the fuel forms a major portion of the operating cost of the fleet owners, it is crucial for them to find out ways and means to minimise its cost. Businesses don’t just have to deal with the problem of theft, but they also need to keep an eye on the rising cost of fuel prices. But when it comes to fuel management, it is not all that easy to manage everything manually. And, it is here that businesses look up to technology that helps them manage fuel consumption as well as their stocks. Regardless of the place you operate from and the size of your operations, it is vital for the success of your business to look for an effective fuel tracking system and management. You need an efficient fuel tracking system because it makes sure that your fuel is used in the right manner on all the counts. However, to fully exploit the fuel tracking system, you need a reliable fuel management system.

    If your operations are based out of UAE or the Middle East, and you need a trustworthy fuel management system that can track your fuel to the last drop, then you should get in touch with FMTS or Fuel Management & Transfers Systems. A complete fuel solutions provider, FMTS can look after all your fuel needs efficiently irrespective of your location. With an efficient fuel tracking system in place, you can rest assured that your business gets uninterrupted fuel supply that is hassle-free and theft-proof.

    We are the official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia, and we specialise in the field of fuel management that can look after all your fuel needs.

    Why fuel tracking system and management is essential for your business?

    A fuel tracking system generates a fuel history that allows you to spot any irregularities that crop up in your business.

    A fuel tracking system helps you develop favourable and efficient fuelling policies.

    With a fuel tracking system in place, you can precisely calculate the miles travelled by the fleet and the amount of fuel consumed by them. The process allows you to calculate the cost per mile and get the mileage of the fleet which you can use to enhance the performance levels of your fleet.

    Also, when you use a fuel tracking system, you can track and stop fuel pilferage and theft. You can find out whenever a fuel theft happens. You also get access to fuel reconciliation reports which helps you find out fuel losses and fuel short filled. And, if you don’t use a fuel tracking system, it is difficult for you to keep a check on all this manually.

    With a fuel tracking system in place, you get an error-free and easy record keeping. It is difficult to keep all the records manually, but with fuel tracking system, it is easy for you to access, keep data, maintain records, and check reports on the move without errors because everything is available online.

    Why you should select FMTS as your fuel tracking system and management provider in Dubai, UAE?

    FMTS has been in the fuel management business for years now, and we know what it takes to efficiently manage and control your fuel supplies, consumption, and stock. We have the relevant experience that comes in handy when businesses need to track their fuel. With an intelligent fuel management system like Smart Fill, you can rest assured that it can stop all the fuel pilferage and theft. In short, with a smart fuel tracking system and management, you can work smartly which also saves you a lot of money.

    As we are a complete fuel solutions provider, we can take care of all your fuel needs. You don’t have to contact other suppliers for fuel equipment.

    We have trained engineering, compliance, and project management professionals, and we specialize in custom fuel storage and distribution solutions. We have the relevant exposure that helps us to deliver on the projects we accept efficiently.

    At FMTS, we understand the importance of responsive customer care, and that is why we follow a proactive approach to customer care.

    FMST is a responsible energy operator in the UAE market.

    Our energy solutions are smart and affordable. We have a transparent pricing policy which is comparable to the best in the industry.

    In case you are looking for a reliable fuel management system that can track your fuel to the last drop, you should get in touch with FMTS now.