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    Those manning the fleet management business and oil and gas vertical understand the importance of accurate fuel measurement pretty well. Businesses that depend on fuel need to optimise fuel usage to maximise profits. But unless you take the help of technology, it becomes tough to track fuel consumption. There are solutions now available that help businesses check, monitor, and control the use of fuel. That is the reason why most companies that rely on fuel have started using fuel management systems. Of the many things that comprise a fuel management system, one device that can measure fuel consumption accurately is a fuel flow meter. Yes, a flow meter is a device that measures volumetric fuel consumption accurately. It means a fuel flow meter can measure the fuel volume through the fuel line per unit of time.But you cannot buy flow meters from anywhere. It is always a good idea to get them from a reliable fuel flow meter supplier. And one fuel flow meter supplier you can rely on in the UAE is FMTS or Fuel Management & Transfer Systems.

    FMTS is a fuel solutions provider that can look after all your fuel management needs regardless of your location. Whether your business operations are in the UAE or the Middle East region, Fuel Management & Transfer Systems can cater to your fuel management requirements. We are the official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia, and we specialise in the field of fuel management that can take care of all your fuel needs.

    Why do businesses need a fuel flow meter?

    Businesses that rely on uninterrupted fuel supply need to keep a tab on how they use the fuel:

    1. Fuel flow meters help prevent fuel theft.
    2. Fuel flow meters also help monitor fuel consumption.
    3. Also, fuel flow meters help in machine running time tracking and engine diagnostics.

    What we offer?

    Fuel flow meters come in different capacities and accuracy levels. From positive displacement meters to 9000 series digital meters and more, FMTS has a variety of fuel flow meters in its arsenal that you can for process control and dispensing of liquid products in the fuel industry. Flow meters come with different accessories such as pre-set counter, eliminator, printer, etc. The key feature of these high-performance meters is they can perform consistently in varying operating conditions.

    Some of the fuel flow meters that we offer include:

    1.  Positive displacement meter from Liquid Controls – These are consistent, accurate, low maintenance, easy to install meters that offer trouble-free service for years.
    2. Total Controls Systems700 series rotary positive displacement flow meter – These flow meters are designed to measure liquids in the aviation, agriculture, petroleum, chemical, food processing, and other industries where precision is required in liquid measurement solutions.
    3. Truck meter packages from Smith Meter – These meters can be used for a wide range of products (from kerosene, gasoline to fuel oils, everything can be metered). They have a versatile design and are compact, hence can be installed almost anywhere.
    4. Positive displacement meters from Satam – It efficiently measures petroleum products like fuels, refined liquid hydrocarbons, bio-fuels, and non-corrosive chemicals. It has a simple design, is robust, and is also low on maintenance. They are used in oil depots, aviation refuelling, hydrocarbon transportation, transport companies, etc.
    5. Flow meters from Avery-Hardoll BM series – These are precision positive displacement meters that are very accurate and that is the reason why they are mostly used by the aviation fuelling operators and airlines.
    6. 900 series digital meters from Fill-Rite –These meters are approved for gasoline, kerosene, diesel, mineral spirits, heptane, and Stoddard solvents. These are convenient and easy to use meters that are accurate.

    Why should you select FMTS as your fuel flow meter supplier?

    There are many reasons why you should select FMTS as your fuel flow meter supplier:

    FMTS has been in the fuel management business for years now, and we know what it takes to efficiently manage and control your fuel supplies, consumption, and stock. We have the relevant experience that comes in handy when businesses need to track their fuel.

    Apart from a variety of meters, FMTS is also a fuel solutions provider. We make sure that your fuel is used in the best possible way so that your losses are minimised.

    We have trained and experienced professionals, and we offer custom fuel storage and distribution solutions.

    Another reason why you should select FMTS as your flow meter supplier is our customer care approach. We have responsive customer care, and we are there for our customers whenever they need our services.

    FMTS is a responsible energy operator in the UAE market.

    We have a pricing policy that is transparent and is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for a reliable fuel flow meter supplier in the UAE or the Middle East region, you can contact us now.