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    If you are from the oil and gas vertical, marine, construction, lubricants, LPG, or the transport industry, you would know that oil pumps perform critical functions. Since these pumps have to function in a tough environment, businesses are aware that they need a robust and reliable oil pump. Regardless of where you operate, you should always buy oil pumps from reliable oil pump suppliers. The same is true for those based in the UAE. You need to select your oil pump suppliers with a lot of caution. The more reliable the suppliers, the better it is for your operations.

    However, when you have FMTS or Fuel Management & Transfer Systems in Sharjah, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable and trustworthy oil pump supplier in the UAE. We are a professionally managed organisation based out of Sharjah, and we specialise in fuel management services. We are a one-stop-shop for all your fuel needs and are a leading fuel solutions provider in the UAE.

    We are the official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia.

    Why do businesses need oil pumps?

    Every industry dependent on fuel needs an oil pump. Oil pumps are essential in every phase of the operation. Oil pumps help transfer process fluids from one place to another. For example, you need an oil pump to transfer crude oil from a storage tank to a pipeline and then bring it back after purification. From gasoline transfer and injection tasks to chemical transfer or steam stripping, businesses need oil pumps to perform various functions. That is why businesses select pumps depending on the task it needs to perform.

    What we offer

    Our range of oil pumps include:

    1. vane pumps
    2. centrifugal pumps
    3. gear pumps
    4. screw pumps, among others.

    These pumps are suitable for industries like oil & gas, transport, marine, construction, LPG, and lubricants.

    Why should you select FMTS as your oil pump supplier?

    You need to select the oil pump supplier carefully because oil pumps perform critical functions. It is better for you if you do a bit of research first on reliable oil pump suppliers. A bit of study will throw enough light about the best oil pumps available in the market. FMTS works with some of the most trusted names in the oil pump manufacturing field. And, that is the reason why doing business with FMTS would help you in the longer run.

    Be it the first-time purchase, replacement, or maintenance, FMTS has established itself in the oil pump market in the UAE as the most reliable player. With over thirteen years of experience in the fuel management industry, we know that there is no substitute for proactive customer service. FMTS has a trained and experienced staff that is under instruction to provide prompt services to all its customers.

    We have trained and experienced professionals, and we offer custom fuel storage and distribution solutions.

    FMTS is a responsible energy operator in the UAE market.

    FMTS follows a transparent pricing policy and our rates are comparable to the best in the industry.

    FMTS believes in nurturing a long-term relationship with all its customers, and that is why we lay a lot of emphasis on quality, customer service, and transparent pricing.

    If you are looking for a reliable oil pump supplier in the UAE, you should get in touch with FMTS now.