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    The oil and gas sector has gained tremendously from the technological advancements in the field of engineering. With safety and precision being the key in the oil and gas vertical, the development of the state-of-the-art fuel handling systems and equipment has empowered this sector to a large extent. Benefits are not just limited to the oil and gas industry, but it has also helped other verticals that are reliant on uninterrupted fuel supply. High-quality fuel handling systems and equipment provide adequate safety to the handlers and eliminates the chances of human performance errors. But, to get the most hi-tech fuel handling systems and equipment, you need to find a reliable supplier of fuel handling systems and equipment. And, if you operate out of the UAE or middle east, finding a trusted supplier of fuel handling systems and equipment is not an easy task.

    The supplier of the fuel handling systems and equipment should not just be experienced in independently handling the large-scale projects, but they ought to provide the replacements and upgrades as and when needed at cost effective rates.

    It is precisely the reason why you need someone like FMTS as your supplier of the fuel handling systems and equipment. Based out of Sharjah, Fuel Management and Transfer Systems or FMTS is a professionally managed organisation that takes pride in keeping its customers satisfied on all the fronts.

    Fuel handling system

    A complex system, fuel handling system is designed to provide an uninterrupted supply of fuel from the storage facilities to machinery like engines, boilers, generators, etc. You can conveniently and efficiently monitor and control the supply of fuel if you have a fuel handling system in place.

    We supply fuel handling systems that support critical and standby power generation needs across all sectors which include medical, hospitality, data centre, defence, public sectors, etc.

    Fuel handling equipment

    Because fuel handling equipment are designed to perform critical functions, hence it is vital that you never compromise on the quality. Fuel handling equipment have a critical role in the fuel management and are used to monitor and control the supply of fuel.

    We are a one stop shop for all the fuel handling equipment, namely flow meters, transfer pumps, loading arms, dispensers, tanker fittings, aviation filters/ water separators, leak sensors, hose reels, and Taylor relief valves/ Mueller strainers/ Sharpe valves.

    Why you need to select FMTS as your supplier of fuel handling systems and equipment

    You need to understand that fuel handling systems are complex engineered systems that need careful management. It is difficult to efficiently deliver and manage a fuel handling system without adequate experience, exposure, and expertise. We have sufficient experience, expertise, and exposure to deliver a high-tech fuel handling system to our customers.

    FMTS can design, develop, install, test, commission, and deliver a state-of-the-art fuel handling system to our customers. With the help of experts, we keep ourselves current on all the recent developments in the fuel management industry, and that is why we can customise our offering to suit your requirements.

    Moreover, you should hire a reliable supplier who can deliver a modern fuel handling system as well as provide all the fuel handling equipment so that you don’t have to run after different companies. Hence, when you join hands with FMTS, you can rest assured that all your fuel handling system and equipment needs will be taken care of by us. With FMTS by your side, you can concentrate on your business and leave all the fuel management needs on our shoulders. As mentioned earlier, we are a one-stop shop for all your fuel handling equipment needs.

    We also provide excellent customer service to all our customers who get associated with us. FMTS believes in providing proactive customer service to all its clients, a claim which can be verified by our existing clients.

    Our engaging and collaborative approach is what sets us apart from our competitors.

    FMTS is considered a responsible energy player in the UAE market, and we never hesitate in giving it back to the society.

    We have more than thirteen years of experience in the fuel handling systems and equipment industry. And, this has been sufficient enough time for us to have established ourselves as the leader in the fuel management market.

    We believe in providing affordable energy solutions to all our customers. FMTS has a transparent pricing policy which is not just competitive, but is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for fuel handling systems and equipment supplier, you can get in touch with FMTS.

    Fuel Management and Transfer Systems or FMTS is the official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System, Australia, and we specialize in fuel management.