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    The technological advancements have made life easier for businesses, especially those in the oil and natural gas sector. It has reduced the labour cost and increased the efficiency and productivity of the units. Loading arms is one such equipment/ system that has changed the way oil exploration is carried out these days. If you are based in the UAE and looking for loading arms suppliers in UAE, then you should carefully weigh your options. There are many loading arms suppliers in UAE, so how do you get the best for your business.

    Welcome to the world of Fuel Management & Transfer Systems, Dubai (FMTS). FMTS is a fuel management company based out of Sharjah, and we are loading arms suppliers in UAE for OPW loading systems, and Friol floating suctions.

    We supply the most preferred loading arms systems in the world.

    Loading arms supplier in UAE – the OPW advantage

    FMTS in collaboration with OPW offers the best loading arm systems along with loading rack equipment which helps businesses fulfil their bulk loading and unloading needs. Through a pipe, loading arm system helps the transfer of gas or liquefied gas from one tank to another. You need a top and bottom loading arm to transfer the gas. OPW loading arms system is the most preferred choice whether the application involves railcars, tank trucks, totes or drums, moving of petroleum or liquefied gases, asphalt, or corrosive chemicals and solvents. Our expert solutions ensure that you can safely handle, transfer, measure, monitor, and protect dangerous bulk products.

    FMTS in collaboration with Friol also installs floating suction units. Floating suction assembly is used in vertical or horizontal, over or under the ground tanks where no contamination is allowed, for example, jet fuels.

    Why you should select FMTS as loading arms supplier in UAE?

    When it comes to selecting the best loading arms suppliers in UAE, there are many reasons as to why you should select FMTS. Some of them are:

    A professionally managed organisation, FMTS is proud of its talented and knowledgeable employees who are trained to serve their customers proactively. Our honest and sincere approach in handling our clients has earned us respect not just among our customers but across the market.

    When it comes to installing and maintaining loading arms systems, you need experience, exposure, and expertise for a seamless operation. And, FMTS has all of that in the right measure. We have the necessary experience, exposure, and expertise which helps us serve our customers better.

    We play our role to perfection when it comes to corporate social responsibility or CSR. We are a responsible energy player in the UAE market.

    We are a reliable loading arms supplier in UAE, a claim our customers are more than willing to vouch for us.

    Pricing also plays a crucial role in selecting the loading arms supplier in UAE. At FMTS, we believe in building a long-term association with all our customers. And, that is why we offer competitive pricing which is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If loading arms supplier is what you are looking for in the UAE, you should get in touch in touch with FMTS now.

    We are also the official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System, Australia and we specialise in fuel management.