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    Businesses around the world are using technology to streamline their operations and boost their profit margins, and the fleet management sector is not any different. With the cost of fuel rising by the day, monitoring and controlling the supply of fuel has become a major concern for fleet owners all over the globe. But fuel management is not all that easy, especially for those who try to do it manually. And, if you are based out of Sharjah, and want to manage your fuel the smart way, then you should start using a fuel tracking system Sharjah. That is the reason why businesses all over the UAE are now switching to a fuel tracking system Sharjah. However, not all fuel tracking system Sharjah are the same. To get the best results from your fuel tracking system, you need to select a reliable fuel management system.

    If you are looking for a trustworthy fuel management system in the UAE that can track, monitor, and control your fuel, then we have you covered – welcome to the world of Fuel Management & Transfer Systems (FMTS). FMTS is a complete fuel solutions provider, and we can surely, efficiently, and satisfactorily look after all your fuel needs. When you have an efficient fuel tracking system, you do not have to worry about uninterrupted fuel supply.

    We are the official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia, and we specialise in the field of fuel management that can look after all your fuel needs.

    Why is fuel monitoring essential?

    If you are into the fleet management business, then one thing that you cannot do without is a fuel management system. With a fuel tracking system in place, you can rest assured that your fuel will be used efficiently. Here is why you should monitor your fuel:

    It avoids the theft of fuel.

    You can monitor the fuel level in real-time whenever you want and keep track of every trip.

    You can get to know the time and location of every refill.

    It increases the productivity and efficiency of your fleet.

    It can report the fuel status instantaneously.

    It eliminates the need to maintain manual records.

    You can also reduce the speed and idle time of the vehicles.

    How does a fuel tracking system work?

    It uses numerous sensors to gather information like temperature, air flow, pressure, and other parameters. The information gathered is processed by the engine control module which can operate the fuel injectors and several other actuators that control the operation of the engine.

    Benefits of using a fuel tracking system

    It tracks every drop of fuel that is used by your fleet.

    It reduces or eliminates the chances of theft. It also eliminates fuel slippage or over consumption of fuel.

    It brings down your overall operational cost.

    It effectively monitors speed.
    You can also monitor all your vehicles because each vehicle is provided with a unique identification number.

    You have all the accurate records which can help you improve and streamline your business operations.

    It allows you to keep your fleet in good condition.

    Top fuel management systems

    If you are into fleet management, it is now important for businesses to have a fuel management system in place. Some of the top fuel management systems on the market are:

    Samsara – It is a cloud-based fleet management solution. It offers features like GPS tracking, trailer tracking, dashboard camera, routing and dispatch. It also offers reefer monitoring. It works well for small and midsize fleet business operators.

    ProTransport Software – It is a fleet management solution that can be used for businesses both big and small. Some of the main features are safety, reporting, despatch, accounting, GPS tracking, and driver communications.

    GPS Insight – It delivers innovative solutions and actionable insights to its customers. It reduces the operating cost of the fleet management business. It offers features like vehicle and asset tracking, in-cab cameras, and fuel cards.

    Routific – It is a cloud-based fleet management solution for midsize and small businesses. Some of its main features are route optimisation basis factors, stop durations, vehicle types, and vehicle capacities. It allows you to store customer and delivery information.

    Smart Fill Fuel Management System –It is a cloud-based offering that delivers innovative solutions and actionable insights to its customers. It is a solution that can be effectively used by businesses of all sizes. It offers better control of fuel supplies and cost accounting. It manages your fuel usage, control vehicle access, designates authorised users, and provide data that helps you maximise the efficiency of your fleet. It also helps you minimise spurious transactions, reduce theft, and diminish environmental damage. The solutions offer integration of tank gagging, pump control, and vehicle identification systems that utilise the latest tools and technologies that include RFID technology, WAN communication protocols, etc.

    It also offers features like tank monitoring system, pump control system, alert systems, user interfaces for the whole flow, user interaction monitoring, reporting system, diagnostic tools, etc.

    Apart from the features mentioned above, here are some of the other reasons why you should select the Smart Fill fuel management system, and hence FMTS for tracking and monitoring your fuel.

    FMTS has the requisite experience in the fuel management business which helps us deliver a complete solution for your fuel management.

    At FMTS, we know how to take care of all your fuel needs.

    We also specialise in custom fuel storage and distribution solutions.

    Also, we have responsive customer care.

    FMTS offers affordable and smart energy solution.

    If reliable fuel management system is what you are looking for in Sharjah, then get in touch with FMTS now for the Smart Fill fuel management system.