Oil Dispenser Machine

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    Businesses that are dependent on fuel need oil dispenser machine to fulfil their day to day requirements. An oil dispenser machine is used to pump petrol, diesel, gasoline, CNG, ethanol fuel, biofuels such as kerosene, biodiesel, or other types of fuel into the vehicles. An oil dispenser machine comes in a variety of design which can have a mechanical or electronic meter to suit your requirements. And, with a fuel management system in place, it gives the fleet owners the resources to take total control of their fuelling needs. Irrespective of the place of your operation, you need a modern and efficient oil dispenser machine and a smart fuel management system that can fulfil all your fuelling needs.

    You are at the right place if you are based out of Dubai, UAE, or the Middle East region, and looking for a modern and efficient oil dispenser machine and a smart fuel management system. Welcome to the world of FMTS or Fuel Management & Transfers Systems. We are based out of Sharjah and have vast experience and exposure in the fuel management business. We have a growing client base which is a testimony to the fact that we have established ourselves well in the market.

    Also, we are the official distributor of Smart Fill Fuel Management System from Australia, and we specialise in the field of fuel management that can take care of all your fuel needs.

    Oil dispenser machine

    FMTS believes in delivering quality products to its customers. The products we offer are efficient and safe. Here are some of the oil dispenser machines that we have in our repertoire which you can use for smooth delivery of fuel to your fleet.

    Gilbarco performer series from Gilbarco Veeder-Root – Performer series of pumps and dispensers are of high-quality, reliable, and they provide you with value for your money. Low on maintenance, the performer series provides an electronic image and electronic communication with other devices.

    Atlas 9100 series from Gasboy – These are durable and reliable mechanical commercial dispensers which integrate well with Gasboy and third-party fleet control systems. The flow-through meters improve their accuracy and performance even in a contaminated fuel environment. These machines have lower installation and maintenance costs.

    SureFill fuel dispensing units from Midco – These are sleek, accurate, customisable, and reliable dispensing units. It is equipped with a user interface console which consists of a keypad and LCD display.

    Wayne Helix series fuel dispenser – These machines are beautifully designed and have all the features that motorists ever wanted in a fuel dispenser. They also have all the features that benefit the distributors, fleet owners, and retailers. The design is easy to maintain and delivers high performance.

    Sunny-GII Tatsuno pump & dispenser – These are reliable dispensers which are equipped with global standard components. It has a compact body which fits into narrow spaces easily. They have a fine display system, and these units are reliable as well as accurate.

    Why you should select FMTS as your oil dispenser machine supplier?

    If you want to manage your fuel well, you need to hire a fuel solutions provider that can provide a holistic approach to all your fuel care needs. When you deal with a company like FMTS, you can rest assured that from a smart fuel management system to an effective oil dispenser machine, you get everything that you need to manage, control, and track your fuel. We have the exposure, experience, and expertise to deliver on all the fronts.

    We have a variety of oil dispensing machines in our repertoire which means you can select the one that suits your needs.

    Customer service is another vital parameter that customers need to look at while deciding on the oil dispenser machine supplier. We take pride in our customer service function because we attend to our customers in the shortest time possible.

    With an intelligent fuel management system like Smart Fill in place, we can assure you that you can maximise your profits because fuel theft and pilferage will become a thing of the past.

    Another vital consideration for businesses across the globe is the price on offer. At FMTS, we follow the best pricing policy in the market. Our rates are not only competitive, but they are comparable to the best in the industry.

    If your business operations are based out of Dubai, UAE, or the Middle East, and you are looking for oil dispenser machines, you should get in touch with FMTS now.