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    Innovative technologies have given businesses the much-needed impetus to streamline their business operations and improve resource utilisation, thereby increasing the overall profit. And, one sector that has tremendously benefitted from these technological advancements is the oil and gas vertical. Irrespective of the place you do your business from in the oil and gas industry, you need cutting edge technology to improve resource utilisation, streamline business operations, and increase profits. And, if you are doing your business in the UAE, you need the best oil field equipment trading Sharjah to beat the competition. However, finding the best oil field equipment trading Sharjah is not all that easy. To select the best oil field equipment trading Sharjah, you need to weigh your options cautiously.

    But when you have Fuel Management & Transfer Systems or FMTS around, you should not worry about getting the best oil field equipment in Sharjah. With around one and a half decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, FMTS has been at the forefront of delivering smart fuel solutions and cutting-edge oil field equipment to organisations across the UAE.

    Oil field equipment in Sharjah

    FMTS has all the big brand names under its belt like SmartFill and SmartDip range of fuel management and tank gauging systems, Morrison Bros. Co. products, Corken range of pumps, Blackmer range of products, MB series metres, Gilbarco performer series, and many more. From fuel management system, pumps, fuel dispensers to fuel transfer pumps, nozzles, flow meters, and all other necessary oil field equipment, we supply everything that is needed in the oil and gas sector.

    Oil and gas is a complex sector, and if you don’t get the best equipment for your business, it can lead to a lot of complications.

    For smooth operations, you need a reliable oil field equipment supplier in the UAE. That is where we fit the bill. FMTS believes in providing the best oil field equipment and after-sales service to its customers across the UAE.

    Our services

    Turnkey solution provider – We provide turnkey solutions for your fuel application. We track the fuel sourced from third party suppliers, offer round the clock tracking features of your fuel, and track the fuel to its last destination. Our solutions are time-bound, which help you increase productivity, efficiency, and drives cost savings. Our cutting-edge products and innovative solutions set our clients apart from their competitors. Our solutions start from planning to the end stage, which includes proposal preparation and procurement, modifications and retrofitting, and equipment upgrades, among others.

    Contracting services – We offer high-quality and cost-effective equipment and contracting services, which allow our customers to operate and maintain their equipment safely for years on end. We have trained engineers who make sure that the entire commissioning process is seamless.

    Best consultative services on offer – We have a specialised brainstorming team that provides the best consultative services for clients who come to our fold. We audit your equipment periodically to ensure that you get the best return on your investments. We work in association with our clients so that they can utilise their resources properly and maximise their profits.

    Customer support – Our customer service ethics and codes are two things that set us apart from our competitors. From installation and commissioning to training and after-sales service, we keep our customers covered on all the fronts. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied at any cost. It not only helps us get repeat orders from our existing customers, but we also get referral clients due to our prompt customer service.

    Why select FMTS as your oil field equipment supplier in Sharjah?

    FMTS has the experience and exposure to offer smart solutions that help you improve your productivity, increase resource utilisation, and boost profits.

    We have trained and knowledgeable staff that is capable of handling every on-site and off-site query and eventuality.

    FMTS keeps track of all the recent developments in the oil and gas vertical so that we can offer the best solution to our customers.

    FMTS deal with the best brands in the world. That is why our products stand the test of time with ease.

    FMTS offers excellent customer service. Our clients can vouch for the kind of customer service we offer.

    FMTS has a transparent pricing policy. We offer competitive pricing, and it is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If oil field equipment supplier is what you are looking for in Sharjah, then you should get in touch with FMTS now.