Truck Meter Packages

Truck Meter Packages

Smith Meter® Truck Meter Packages are versatile because of their modular design and arrangement flexibility.

Truck meter package options are made by combining various components. These consist of a meter, counter, air eliminator/strainer, faucet, preset counter, and ticket

The primary functions of metering product and registering volume are performed by a Rotary Vane Positive Displacement Meter and Large Numeral Counter. Other modular features can be easily added as simple bolt on items to meet customer requirements.

The air elimination feature will sense slugs of air approaching the meter and vent them. This will keep the meter packed with fluid, preventing erroneous measurement. A strainer is an integral part of the air eliminator which will remove contaminants from the line.

The faucet is a valve that starts and stops flow and can be incorporated with the preset counter to automatically deliver and shut off the delivered batch (one person operation).

A ticket printer will provide receipt of the registered quantity delivered.


A wide range of products from gasoline to kerosene to fuel oils can be metered.

Compact, versatile design can be readily fit into nearly all installations.

Low pressure drop meter results in low meter slippage and thus superior meter accuracy.

Responsive air release and air check prevents metering of air on split compartment deliveries.

Simple, rugged calibrator is externally adjusted with a screwdriver and easily sealed to prevent unauthorized tampering.

High-capacity, low pressure drop strainer built into the air eliminator with easy accessibility for cleaning.

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