3000 Register

Total Control Systems 3000 Register

Receipt & Inspection

Upon receipt of register shipment, be sure to inspect the packaging and the register assembly for any damage before signing the receipt of the shipment. Notify the delivery company about possible damage and refuse receipt of
the shipment.

Registers are individually boxed and are protected with static resistant packing material. Each package is identified with the register assembly part number, description, serial number. Verify the register model is the correct model,
size, and configuration as ordered. Contact your distributor if there is any discrepancy or question.

Register assemblies should be handled with appropriate methods for the size and weight involved. Appropriate clothing and shoes need to be utilized. Transport the register package to the installation site with appropriate transportation
methods, careful not to damage the register.

Be careful of any loose or protruding staples from the packaging, as they can be very sharp and may potentially cause injury.

If foam has been used to protect register, carefully remove top foam layer before attempting to remove register assembly from box. Foam packaging maybe formed around the register assembly making it difficult to remove. Do
not lift the register assembly by wires or anything other than the metal body of the register. Do not insert objects or cables into the register unless stated. Removing register assembly from packaging without adhering these warnings
may cause serious injury to you and/or the register.

Appropriate precautions should be taken regarding any personal, environmental and material compatibility with the end use system.


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