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One of the sectors that have benefitted immensely from the development in the field of technology is the oil and gas industry. We all know that hydrocarbon leaks are a potential threat not just to the life and property, but can also cause massive environmental damages. It can cause fires, explosions, and environmental contamination, which may lead to irreversible damages to your business, workforce, and the environment. It is therefore important to install an effective leak detection system that constantly protects your production and storage facilities including the distribution lines from potential leaks. That is where an oil leak detector supplier and manufacturer comes into the picture. If you are into the oil and gas sector and are based out of UAE, you should select your oil leak detector supplier with a lot of caution. Your safety rests on the leak detection system you install at your facility.

Welcome to the world of Fuel Management & Transfer systems (FMTS)). We are a professionally managed fuel management company based out of Sharjah and supply leak detection systems to businesses in the oil and gas sector across the UAE.

We supply LS600DXX leak sensor and oil/ water alarm unit OWWG 3.

Oil leak detector supplier – The LS600Dxx and
OWWG 3 advantage

The LS600DXX leak sensor offers secondary containment leak detection for underground and above the ground storage tank applications. It can detect all types of leaks and is also ideal for monitoring shallow leaks because of its compact size and favourable displacement properties.

The OWWG 3 triggers visual and audio alarms in case of accumulation of oil or water which is caused by tank leaks, flooding, backflow, etc. OWWG 3 is capable of detecting the leak in oil storage rooms, inspection ducts, protective pipes, ducts, cellars, or pipes. The system is suitable to detect leaks for following liquids – fuel oil, low-viscosity lubricating oils, diesel fuel, hydraulic oils, motor oils, oil-water mixtures, transformer oils, anti-freeze agents, emulsions, and water.

Why you should select FMTS as your oil leak detector supplier

You should select a supplier that has the requisite experience, exposure, and expertise in the oil and gas sector of supplying oil leak detection systems. FMTS is a professionally managed organisation that has all of this and more because we believe in serving our customers proactively.

Yes, we follow the simple philosophy of providing quick and efficient customer service to all our clients.

FMTS is a responsible energy player in the fuel management sector in the UAE market.

We are a reliable and reputed entity in the UAE market, and our growing list of clients is the testimony to the fact that our customers are satisfied with our services.

We are well aware of the fact that companies across the world are price sensitive. We follow a transparent pricing policy, and our rates are not just competitive, but they are comparable to the best in the industry.

We believe in nurturing long term association with our customers.

If you are looking for oil leak detector suppliers in the UAE, FMTS is just the right choice for your business.

We are also an official distributor of SMART FILL Fuel Management System, Australia and we specialise in fuel management.