71SO Overfill Prevention Valve

71SO Overfill Prevention Valve

Completely Automatic Operation – no prechecks to perform, no resets and no overrides to be broken or abused.

No Pressurization of the Tank – operates directly from liquid level.

u Will Accept a Dipstick for Gauging

Retrofits Directly – for both new and existing tanks with 4″ fill risers.

Quick Drain Feature – automatically drains hose when head pressure is relieved.

Best Flow Rate in The Industry*

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OPW 71SO Overfill Prevention Valves

The CARB-certified OPW 71SO vapor-tight Overfill Prevention Valve is designed to prevent the overfill of underground storage tanks by providing
a positive shut-off of product delivery. The shut-off valve is an integral part of the drop tube used for gravity filling. The OPW 71SO allows easy installation
(without breaking concrete) and requires no special manholes.

The OPW 71SO is a vapor-tight twostage shut-off valve. When the liquid level rises to about 95% of tank capacity, the valve mechanism is released,
closing automatically with the flow. This reduces the flow rate to approximately 5 gpm through a bypass valve. The operator may then stop the filling
process and disconnect and drain the delivery hose. As long as the liquid exceeds the 95% level, the valve will close automatically each time delivery is attempted.

If the delivery is not stopped and the liquid rises to about 98% of tank capacity, the bypass valve closes completely. No additional liquid can flow
into the tank until the level drops below a reset point.

71SO Instruction Sheet Order
Number: H15524PA

Raising The Standard In Overfill Prevention

From the company that brought you the industry standard OPW 61SO, OPW raises the standard with the introduction of the New 71SO Overfill Prevention Valve – breakthrough innovation that takes overfill prevention to a whole new level of overfill perfection.

• Eliminates curing issues due to hot or cold temperatures

• Easier, quicker, installation

• Higher quality, more reliable installation

• Lower costs

• Greater protection against fugitive emissions and pressure decay

• Fastest flow rate in the industry

The new 71SO is a two-stage, positive shut-off valve, providing completely automatic operation with no pre-checks to perform, no resets, and no overrides
to be broken or abused. The valve closes when the tank level rises to 95% capacity and provides a special bypass valve so the tank can be filled to a
maximum capacity of 98%. The 71SO is available for direct-bury and remote applications

No Epoxy Sealants Required!

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