S Series Twin Screw

Twin Screw Pump Series

A Safer, Greener,
More Cost-Effective Pumping Solution

Blackmer, part of PSG®, a Dover company, is a global provider of innovative, high-quality industrial twin-screw and multi-phase pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids. Blackmer is proud to offer the S Series.
This durable screw pump line is perfectly suited to applications with the Process, Energy, Transport and Marine markets. Blackmer S Series pumps offer a wide range of highly customizable pumps and systems for the
world’s most demanding applications.

Our world-class distributor network ensures that you will have access to the pump you need when you need it. We are devoted to your business’s success servicing your needs with world-class products, delivery and best of class expertise. Put us to the test today and contact your local distributor at blackmer.com

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How it Works

Blackmer Twin Screw Pumps are rotary, positive displacement pumps capable of handling various clean liquids that contain no solids. The pump is composed of two sets of opposed screws. During pump operation, the screws on the two shafts are
engaged and form a sealed cavity with the surrounding pump casing. The pumped liquid is shifted axially as the screw shafts turn and steadily and constantly convey the liquid to the center of the pump where the discharge port is located. Since
hydraulic forces on two screws are opposite and equal, the hydraulic axial stress on shafts is automatically balanced.

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